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032: Ozark Season 3 - It just gets better

Episode Summary

Ozark Season 3 - Does the story still work after 3 seasons? This is the question that the showrunners will answer. And what makes it work or not? Join us to find out.

Episode Notes

Randall: I totally understand the hype on this series, I can’ believe it took this long for me to watch it.  It just keeps getting better.

Parul: This show is getting darker and more complex. It’s riveting. 

Randall: I think this is really what makes a good thriller, the ability to have compelling subplots/ red herrings that also have equally life/ death repercussions, but at the same time reminding the viewer/ reader who the real villain is.  The cartel is involved throughout the season, as Helen is present in just about every episode, but we never forget that they are the most dangerous player at the table in Marty and Wendy’s lives - they kidnap Marty, they seem to know everything that is going on, they manipulate Wendy (with the horse farm purchase).  At the same time, Frank Jr. and the mob are mad at Marty, the other cartel is a danger to Marty (he could get caught in the crossfire), Darlene is becoming more dangerous with every episode, the FBI is hot on Marty’s tail - all of these have life and death endings and they are just as engaging as the main battle between Marty and the cartel.  The story would have been so water-downed if these sub-plots weren’t there and not so deadly if it had just been Marty vs. the Navarro cartel.

Compare this to Killing Eve - we keep losing sight of the threat of the 12 and there aren’t many other threats to keep the characters occupied.

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