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033: Game of Thrones S1 - Winter is Coming

Episode Summary

Three Certified Story Grid Editors, Parul, Mel, and Randall, break down this iconic HBO television series. Does the story work? You bet it does, come find out how!

Episode Notes

This is a series with a mini-plot, multiple characters that each pursue their own storyline but come together for a larger story arc. In this first season of Game of Thrones you’ll see multiple storylines weaving together. But the value at stake is power - the clue is in the name: the Game of Thrones. This is closely linked to the action genre with its values of life and death. And you’ll see other genres laced throughout which we will share in our shownotes. 

One sentence review from the editors?

Randall: This is really one of my favorite series, and the screenwriters did such a great job with the first season.  It’s a great example of how to write a screenplay from a really excellently written book series.  And the author (George R. R. Martin) did such a great job connecting the plotlines throughout the books/ seasons.  This had to take so much planning, Harry Potter level planning.

Mel: Awesome fantasy story masterpiece with very deep, three dimensional characters, an amazing story and throughout plotline, as well as the best title music and video.

Parul: It is Society Genre combined Action at its best, everybody wants power and everybody will die. 

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